Established in 1978, we have more than 35 years of experience as a manufacturer and installer of interior architectural casework. Although operations were initially started by two brothers in Dayton, Ohio, we have been incorporated in the state of Florida since 1984. At the outset, our small operation was focused on local homeowners and small commercial projects, but by the early 1990’s, we had grown to provide only commercial services for local general contractors. Our commercial abilities were first revealed on projects such as the Charlotte County Vocational Center and the Palm Island Resort in the Southwest Florida area.


As operations have grown, our geographic region has expanded from Florida, north to Pennsylvania and as far west as Texas. In an effort to expand our capabilities and provide a more complete service for our customers, we now supply millwork and manufacture solid surface countertops at our facility as well as provide SEFA certified wood and steel laboratory casework solutions. The geographic and scope expansions have contributed to our increased sales of $6.5 million in 2004 to over $21 million in 2014.

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Our team includes a complete staffing of salesmen and estimators able to complete estimates of all sizes, project draftspersons who handle product submittals and material optimization and project managers to oversee all scheduling and cost issues. This project team is also equipped to design as needed. Both casework and solid surface products are manufactured at our facility, providing quality assurance and just-in-time production. Our full-service installation team acquires the manufactured product for on-site installation, completing the final step in the project progression.